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  *  The Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses the harbour from the The Rocks to North Sydney. There are many different experiences centred around the bridge. You can walk or cycle across, picnic under, or climb over the Harbour Bridge. See the details in The Rocks.

    * The Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is simply one of the most famous structures ever built. It is in the city centre.

    * Darling Harbour is a large tourist precinct and includes a range of activities, restaurants, museums and shopping facilities.

    * Sydney Olympic Park. Home of the 2000 Olympics and now parklands and sporting facilities.

    * Luna Park, 1 Olympic Dr, Milson's Point, tel. 02 9033 7676. Is a large theme park situated near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Its mouth-shaped entrance can be seen from many areas of Sydney as well as the large Ferris Wheel.

    * Sydney Tower also called Centrepoint Tower or AMP Tower. The tallest structure in Sydney, the tower contains a buffet, cafe and a rather large restaurant and attracts many visitors a year. The tower is in the City Centre

    * St Mary's Cathedral. Sydney's main catholic cathedral. Corner of St Mary's Road and College St. The cathedral is in the City Centre.

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